Everyone Needs a Little Peer Support

At LifeFx™ we offer group coaching to empower students of all ages.

Peer-to-Peer Discussions on Life.

There are four groups, designed to help students of all ages benefit from one another’s ideas and encouragement.

  • Middle School students
  • High School students
  • Young Adults
  • Adults


  • Tools for HOW to learn and maximize studying at school and home
  • Curriculum tailored to student’s learning style and specific needs
  • Learning, memory, and study skills for LIFE
  • Small groups and individual coaching sessions
  • Virtual and in-person sessions
  • FLEXIBLE weekday and Saturday appointments
  • Sessions for students 1st grade to college

Welcome to the conversation.

Group conversations, peer-to-peer, will leave you feeling empowered and able to take on life’s challenges with more ease.

If you are tired of trying to figure it all out yourself, come meet your peers who have the same challenges.

Discuss these important topics and more:

  • Healthy living. Discuss nutrition and how to eat healthy for better energy and overall wellness.
  • Stress Management. Learn the coping tools that work with your brain.
  • Fitting In. How to be comfortable in every social situation and feel confident around other people.
  • Job Hunting. Identify your strengths and pick up tips from your coach and your peers on finding the right job for you.
  • School Stress/ Work Stress
  • Dating
  • Sleep
  • Managing Social Media Usage
  • Obesity/ Nutrition

At LifeFx™ Building Conversations you will find support and conversation in a community setting.

Each session begins with a lesson in Executive Functions. Then the group moves on to a work period to immediately apply the tool or skill you just learned. It could be anything from creating calendars that work with the way you plan, to doing homework or goal setting. Working in a group situation with your coach and your peers will speed your learning and empower new life changes.

Quickly move on from feeling frustrated or disorganized and start applying the life-changing brain hacks that give you the focus and motivation to reach your goals. Use new mindfulness techniques to turn on your brainpower to study or do better work. Relax your brain when it’s in overdrive and all you want to do is relax.

Conversations that Make a Difference

Dip into the hive mind and tap into the ideas of your peer group. They may have suggestions you never thought of and can use to make your life better so you feel happier. As you learn new Executive Function tools at each session and apply them to your life right away, you will see changes that seemed hard before but are easy now. You’ll move closer to your goals because you have the accountability of a coach and your peers. Best of all, you will have the internal systems to work with your brain and not against it. The tips, tools, and empowerment you take from these conversations will stay with you for a lifetime.

what is the NEXT STEP?

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Learning tools to use for life!

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