Build Social Tools for Life

Building Conversations helps develop and improve social skills for teens, and connects parents with resources and families on a similar path

Connection for you. Connection for your teen.

Building Conversations is a safe, non-judgmental space for students and parents to learn social connection tips, tools, and strategies — all while meeting peers who understand the challenges your family is facing. We are committed to helping you and your student feel supported and equipped to build strong connections!

Building Conversations is available for two age groups, meeting the first Saturday of every month. Sessions are 90 minutes each. The fee is $45 per session. 

Middle School (grades 5-8) • 9:00 AM
High School (grades 9-12) • 11:00 AM


Upcoming sessions – join one or join them all!

May 7 - Learning to walk in another person's shoes

Learn to take in another person’s point of view and develop empathy. Better understand who people are, what motivates them, and how to anticipate reactions and emotions.

  • Take information from the past, examine it, and use it to take a bird’s eye view of the situation, problem solve and make future social decisions.
  • Evaluate the impact of behavior and understand how people feel about the behavior
  • Being considerate of another person’s feelings

June 4 - Teen and Parent/Guardian communication

Communication is essential, and it can be really difficult! As we get older, it gets harder to communicate our needs and wants, especially with parents and adults. Together we are going to learn how to speak up about your needs. You will learn:

  • How to effectively and respectfully; describe, express, explain, question, confront and find resolution.
  • Tools to put into spoken words what you are experiencing, feeling, thinking, wanting and not wanting. 
  • How, and when, to negotiate and compromise the things you want.

July 9 - How to be different and mastering self-advocacy

Date moved back 1 week to accommodate the July 4 holiday.

We are all so unique! We all look different, learn different and like different things. All these differences mean we don’t always understand one another. Self-advocacy is an essential life skill. At its heart, self-advocacy is the ability to communicate your needs. Together we will learn: 

  • Tools to address people who may misunderstand, question or challenge the things that make you who we are. 
  • How to express your needs and ensure your voice is heard. 
  • Determine what things you can accomplish on your own and what tasks may require additional assistance or support – and how to ask for help when you need it.  

August 6 - Building a deeper relationship with friends and family

It is one thing to be surrounded by others, it is a totally different experience to feel bonded and close. Building friendships that go deeper than the surface can be a challenge. This takes a lot of time and energy, and it can feel awkward at first. In this session we will focus on learning tools to build deeper relationships. 

  • Tools for evaluating the relationships in your life and deciding which are worth the additional effort. 
  • Learn how to lean into vulnerability while balancing when, and how much, to share with someone. 
  • How to actively listen and engage in a difficult or uncomfortable conversations. 


Parents, you come too!

While the students are with their coaches, parents will be joined by with Clinical Psychologists and other caregivers in a group support setting. During this time, caregivers will learn new tools to facilitate conversations around friendship and social connection at home.

Parents are not required to attend with their teen, and teens are not required to attend with their parents. You are welcome to come separately, however we do strongly encourage teens and parents to attend together.

Building Conversations is for teens who…

  • Feel overwhelmed or anxious in certain social situations.
  • Want to make friends more easily, without feeling like it is a struggle to fit in.
  • Find it difficult to understand social cues or read body language.
  • Need help setting, and maintaining, healthy boundaries. 

Building Conversations is for parents who want to…

  • Learn new tools to better communicate and connect with your teen.
  • Meet other parents and guardians who are going through similar struggles.
  • Build a stronger relationship with your teen so you can provide the support they need.
  • Help their teen overcome the challenges they are facing, while allowing them the independence they need and want.

Let’s connect – together!

*Session Price includes a $1.65 processing fee.

*Session Price includes a $1.65 processing fee.