NEW! We’re excited to announce the EF Coaching e-learning tools.

Executive Function Coaching for Students

formerly called Homework Help

Learn How to Learn

Master the tools needed for better academic performance, improve social skills, develop more self confidence, and so much more! 

Students love coaching because we customize every session to meet their needs and learning style. Woking alongside an Executive Function Coach, students develop tools they will use for the rest of their lives.


  • Students learn how to work with their unique brain and skills
  • Learn tools to improve planning, focus, attention, memory, and more! 
  • Curriculum is tailored to each student’s learning style, needs and goals
  • Virtual and in-person sessions
  • Evening and Saturday appointments
  • Coaching available for students in 1st grade and above

How to get started

Contact us to schedule an Executive Function Assessment. This assessment helps us tailor the EF Coaching program to your student’s unique strengths and challenges. 

We can also use the results to screen for any possible medical or learning issues that indicate the need for further neurodevelopmental and/or academic testing.

Even if your student has already had a full evaluation, this brief assessment allows for an up-to-date snapshot that we will use to track progress and tailor strategies.

Learn essential tools for life! 

The Executive Function Coaching program at LifeFx was created by Neurodevelopmental Psychologist, Dr. Rachelle Hansen, and her colleagues in 2017. This one of a kind program is led by a team of trained Executive Function Coaches.

After your student’s assessment and report are complete, you will have a consultation call with Dr. Hansen to review the report and go over our curriculum plans. 

Everyone learns, thinks and operates differently. Let’s embrace our differences!

Executive Function Coaching teaches brain-based skills to help students manage their time, organize responsibilities and complete tasks. Additionally, students learn how to understand and manage emotions. The better we understand our brain, the better we understand ourselves and begin to reach our true potential. 

Executive Function Coaches are always available to collaborate with parents, and teachers, to better implement skills learned in EF Coaching at home and at school.

E-learning tools

Are you feeling a little (or a lot!) overwhelmed thinking about how your student will manage the school year with COIVD-related changes?

We are here to help! We have added e-learning tools to our curriculum so we can better support students who may feel fatigued or burnt out from e-learning – or, for those who are feeling anxious about returning to in-person learning. 

Students have in-person and virtual access to coaches, psychologists and occupational therapists. We also offer support for parents who want to learn strategies to help their children at home and school.

As a mental health clinic, we understand school can be a huge stressor for parents, families, and students.

We’ve got tools for that!


I’ve told everyone from parent friends to our pediatrician that this is a MUST program for children and parents - my son feels great about himself because he can learn his way and I get to focus on being his parent and not his teacher. Everyone wins.

Parent of EF Coaching Student, 15 yrs old

What is the NEXT STEP?

Contact us to explore how Executive Function Coaching  can help your student.

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